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BEAMS launched "BEAMS ARTS" as a project to integrate the various arts and culture it has introduced through its fashion offerings.
"BEAMS ARTS" consists of five genres and eight projects. This site provides access to an interactive movie presentation that introduces these genres and projects. Color balls that continuously move organically are by themselves a piece of art, and express the thoughts behind the creation of such a piece of art. The intention is to let the viewers, by collecting and separating these color balls using their mouse, feel and realize the entire structure of the project and its origins.



First Appearance Date:
July 8th, 2009

Name of the client:
BEAMS Co.,Ltd.

Creative companies:
Dmp Co.,Ltd., 602 inc., Metamosphere Inc.

Creative Staffs:
Creative Supervisor : Kojiro Nagumo, Shuji Sekine
Producer : Yoshikazu Matsushima, Shinichi Saeki
Producer / Director : Kaoru Chono
Creative Director : Ryuta Modeki
Art Director / Designer : Yu-ki Sakurai
Flash Developer : Junya Kojima (panoptes)
Sound Designer : Yoshiaki Himuro (tngrm)