What is BEAMS?
BEAMS is a retail store that sells specially selected items. Since our foundation in Tokyo in 1976 we have maintained a philosophy of "changing the customs and cultures of young people in Japan" and operated with the concept of becoming the flagship for such a movement. Now in our 34th year, we also handle a wide range of art and craft and other household items in addition to fashion items. Our style of providing a place for people with wide ranging values is very popular amongst young people in Japan. BEAMS currently operates 115 stores throughout Japan and 6 stores in Hong Kong.

What this Website Means to BEAMS
BEAMS seeks to go beyond providing simply the value of the item itself and enable customers to derive satisfaction and comfort through their purchases. To convey the true nature of the item as much as possible we focus on the item's background and the thoughts of the item's producers. We intend to use our website to convey this kind of information and allow customers to experience what the BEAMS brand is all about through the style of our website.

Various BEAMS Websites

The BEAMS official site is positioned at the core of the group of BEAMS websites. This site introduces the hottest item of the season in a prompt and considerate manner. In addition to information on the specification of items, there are also feature interviews that discuss the feelings of designers' and buyers' with respect to those items.
Also, information on available stores connected with each item and broad pathways to the associated online shop sites play a part in the brand's sales promotion.
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The extensive collection of BEAMS labels and projects for men, for women and for kids. In 2009, "BEAMS ARTS" was started as a new project. In accordance with the launch of this project, an interactive presentation movie which shows the concept of the project is currently available online. This serves to generate awareness of the brand to numerous visitors and to raise their interest.
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BEAMS runs various campaigns throughout the year. The "WOMENS 25th Anniversary" was one of the campaigns that attracted a great deal of attention in 2009. This campaign celebrated the 25th anniversary of BEAMS merchandising items for women, and was conducted on a massive scale in stores throughout Japan and on websites. The site attractively displayed the available commemorative items, with excellent content which demonstrated the favorable relationship between BEAMS and participating fashion designers.
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Buyers of BEAMS interact with designers, artists and people involved in fashion brands throughout the world so that the fans of BEAMS always have opportunities to discover quality new items. As a result, there are many people all over the world who watch for the latest BEAMS trends. Also, the number of people supporting BEAMS particularly in Asia is growing, with many fans actually visiting the stores when they have the opportunity to come to Japan. This English site was redesigned in September 2009 in order to reinforce communication with these international stakeholders and fans. The site is designed so that people who don't know BEAMS well can get a good understanding of the brand in a short period of time.
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The front page of the BEAMS website, which symbolizes the group of BEAMS websites, can be enjoyed through the dynamic style of the slideshow of latest items. In some stores in Tokyo, this slideshow is used as digital signage to offer multilateral communication with fans who visit the stores.