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What This Site Intends To Achieve

BEAMS offers a wide range of labels (such as BEAMS, Ray BEAMS, and Kodomo BEAMS) and various fashion-related services. BEAMS now has around 100 stores, mostly in Japan but with some located overseas such as in Hong Kong. As a retail store selling specially selected items, BEAMS enjoys a special collaboration with brands, designers and artists involved with BEAMS, in the creation of various kinds of products, space and time. This site aims for a structure that fully expresses the attraction of these creations and allows them to be found with ease.

Points of Appeal

  • The site incorporates a mechanism to customize the recommended contents shown to each user in accordance with the pages that visitor has browsed within the website, in order to satisfy the needs of individual visitors upon browsing.
  • Visitors can seamlessly navigate the website between topical news and information on new items, as well as information that is repeatedly sought after, such as basic information on labels and stores.
  • Based on the concept that BEAMS strength can be best expressed through its style of conveying the appeal of a wide selection of items, the website has been created so that item visuals are expressed in a straightforward and dynamic manner.

Points on Content Structure

There are three modes for displaying the front page, namely as a "Slide Show," "Thumbnail," or "List," and users can select one according to their preference. In addition, tags are set to all contents displayed, so information recommended on the front page changes according to the user's browsing history.

The "Recommend Items" section conveys the appeal of products using visuals. It is updated once every week to provide seasonal information in a timely and visually-rich manner.

"BEAMS and More" offers a wide range of interviews of mainly designers and artists involved with BEAMS, as well as reports on events BEAMS has participated in. This page offers a foundation for increasing the number of BEAMS fans and keeping their interest satisfied.
This is the page that best represents the essence of BEAMS.

The site also has an online store. It is designed so that visitors are able to instantly purchase products introduced in the "Recommend Items" section.


BEAMS Official Website


First Appearance Date:
February 25th, 2009

Name of the client:
BEAMS Co.,Ltd.

Creative companies:
Dmp Co.,Ltd.、602 inc., betation,inc.,,, la-loo Co.,Ltd.

Creative Staffs:
Creative Supervisor : Yoshiro Akada, Shuji Sekine, Yukie Shibamana, Akihiro Ozeki, Mari Shirouzu
Producer : Yoshikazu Matsushima, Shinichi Saeki
Producer / Director : Kaoru Chono
Planner / Art Director : Ryuta Modeki
Art Director / Designer : Yohei Iwaki
Technical Director : Masumi Uemura
Technical Director / HTML Coding / Programmer: Daisuke Hariyama
Designer : Yasutaka Kageyama
Project Manager : Rieko Nakanishi
HTML Coding : Satoshi Oyama
Flash Developer : Minoru Sako
Programmer :beatation,inc.
Website for the mobile phone : Tomoko Nagai