BEAMS WOMEN 25th Anniversary

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Last year, BEAMS celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first store for its first women' s label, "Ray BEAMS." Since then various labels for women have been launched, and BEAMS Women has become extremely popular with a wide selection of items.
This site introduces a wide range of special items commemorating the anniversary and a range of ecological shopping bags (tote bags) specially designed by 100 different designers who have been involved with women's labels for BEAMS.
The site uses a particularly attractive appearance with many dots that change colors and sizes to give visitors a feeling of euphoria just from looking at these special items, which are of a large variation and of different styles.

BEAMS WOMEN 25th Anniversary


First Appearance Date:
February 25th, 2009

Name of the client:
BEAMS Co.,Ltd.

Creative companies:
Dmp Co.,Ltd., 602 inc., VKC Design

Creative Staffs:
Creative Supervisor : Yukie Shibamana, Akihiro Ozeki, Mari Shirouzu
Producer : Shinichi Saeki
Producer / Director : Kaoru Chono
Art Director / Designer / Sound Designer : Yohei Iwaki
Designer / Flash Developer : Eiji Muroichi
Project Manager : Rieko Nakanishi