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Intention of the proposal

A new lifestyle of "reusing instead of disposing". "eneloop" can be recharged and used repeatedly. The story pages remind consumers about the various opportunities to use eneloop in everyday life. Rather than promoting the characteristics of eneloop directly, this website lets consumers feel the product emotionally through a story or greeting cards and makes the product known to people who did not know about it before.

Appeal points

In order to get visitors to the site to read the story closely page by page, the story pages, compiled in collaboration with artist Akiko Ikeda, have a distinct atmosphere that uses characteristic photographic works. The feature that is the centerpiece of the site is that each of the photos used in the story pages can be sent as a greeting card or uploaded to a blog.

Key features of the site

- The site is made up of two elements, namely, the "STORY" pages, which illustrate ordinary weekends spent by people who use eneloop, and the "GREETINGS" pages, which allow users to make charming greeting cards.

- There are two stories: "Father-and-son long weekend", which is a story of an energetic weekend of a father and son going camping, and "Her weekend of freedom", which is a story of a mother's lovely weekend while husband and son are out.

- The greeting cards record how the message was typed. It then shows how the word was selected or the speed at which it was typed using animation, providing a new way of enjoying a greeting card.

- The finished card can not only be sent via e-mail, but can also be added to a blog or twit in Twitter to acknowledge friends.


- Title
everyday eneloop
- Release Date
22nd December 2009
- Sponsor
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.